Real Techniques Core Collection


So I recently bought the Real Techniques core collection after becoming slightly addicted to the Pixiwoo videos!

These brushes are great. They are synthetic so can be used with cream products and are animal friendly! They are soft, easily cleaned and come in a handy brush stand.

The collection comes with a contour brush, foundation brush, concealor brush and buffing brush.

I’ll review each brush one at a time.

  1. Contour brush: This brush is designed for contour your cheeks. I’ve personally found that its best for applying blush. It’s a great little brush that helps to apply just the right amount of product.
  2. Foundation brush: This brush would be great if it was just a bit bigger! I found it took far to long to apply and blend my foundation with this brush so instead I use the buffing brush for this.
  3. Concealor brush: Now this brush is probably the worst brush, its to stiff to nicely blend concealor, its much better for use on lips or for eyeliner.
  4. Buffing brush: This brush is intended to be used for powder and mineral foundation. I actually use this to blend in my liquid foundation and then to apply my powder. I actually think it’s a bit too stiff for powder but amazing for foundation!

Overall I think this collection is great but could do with some minor tweaks.

You can purchase the whole Real Techniques range here.

And finally if you have been living in a dungeon and haven’t seen any of the Pixiwoo videos, here is there Youtube channel.


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