Review: Clinique Blemish Solutions

Now for a not so positive review.
A few months ago I visited the Clinique counter in Fenwicks. I suffer with bad breakouts from time to time so the adviser told me I should try the Blemish Solutions range. So I went out on a whim and bought the whole range.

The cleanser, clarifying lotion, clearing moisturiser, spot treatment gel and foundation!
But after over a month of using the range I found that my skin didn’t improve and I actually broke out further!
I returned back to Clinique who were adamant that it would help with blemishes but after phoning their head office I was told that this range is probably not suitable for my skin and I should send the products back for a refund!
I’ve done a bit of digging online where I found that I have certainly not been the only person that’s experienced this, it seems that unless you have severe acne then this range is not for you.

I found the foundation was the most disappointing product of the whole range. It looked great when first applied but very quickly it became greasy, drew out from my pores and rubbed off so easily that I was scared to touch my face. Definitely not what you want if you suffer from blemishes and oily skin!

I wouldn’t recommend this range to anyone suffering breakouts, and I wouldn’t recommend the foundation to anyone with oily skin!


The only positive I can take from this experience is that I must say how impressed I was with Cliniques customer services, I returned all the products and received a full refund.


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