Gadi 21 Minerals Nail Kit; Amazing!


So I was walking through House of Fraser on Monday when this woman comes over to me and says “would you like to see a magic trick?”. Intrigued I said yes. So she grabbed my fiancées had and with a nail buffing block (and his horror!) she started buffing his nails.

After a minute she showed me his nails and I was amazed! They were so insanely shiny, it looked as if he had a clear coat of nail varnish on! She then applied some cuticle oil and with that he honestly looked as though he had just had a full manicure. She asked me if I would be interested and I didn’t even hesitate to get my credit card out.

My nails are far from perfect but I think you can see how amazingly shiny they are after using this amazing nail buffer and cuticle oil! And worth mentioning is that it creates a perfect base for nail polish, perfectly shiny and ridge free nails!


Gadi uses natural minerals from the Dead Sea to create its wide range of products and this particular product apparently helps to promote health nail growth and shine. I love it and will definitely purchase on for all my girlfriends and even my fiancé as he now loves his shiny nails!
The nail kit comes with a hand and body lotion, nail buffer, nail file and cuticle oil. All for £30, which seems expensive but I say its definitely worth it.
I think this may be beauty’s best kept secret and you can buy it here!



  1. I don’t paint my nails.They are all natural. I just clip ’em and push my cuticles back. This looks like something right up my alley. As the only time I paint my nails, they are clear or very nude. I love the french manicure look but I don’t know how to do this look without really screwing it up. Maybe I have no patients.*shrugs*. Much Love-Summer

    1. Sounds like it would be perfect for you! It’s such a great product, I love it. I’m not allowed to have painted nails at work so this is great for anyone who still wants pretty nails naturally! And French manicures are always tough but there’s some great techniques out there to make it easy. I like to paint the white on the tips of my nails (doesn’t need to be neat) and then use a cotton wool bud soaked in nails varnish remover to remove the excess and create a pretty white tip 🙂
      Hope this helps, have a great day! X

  2. Bought this kit when going on holiday a few weeks ago. Used it and it is great. I left box with instructions in hotel & can’t remember how often I can use grey coarse side.

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