My Real Techniques Collection!


I love Real Techniques and my collection has grown and grown. I think I’m just two brushes off having the entire collection! So I thought I’d share with you guys my favourites of the bunch, the blush, powder and done shadow brushes.

The Blush brush is the perfect size for your cheeks and is very soft and plush. The powder brush is a big, soft brush that applies powder evenly and doesn’t make your powder look too dry or caked on whilst still applying the right amount to cover shine. What I also love about this powder brush is that it doesn’t rub off any of your existing concealer or foundation!
I love the Dome shadow brush for applying concealer as its soft and blends the product in nicely.

These are such great products which are such amazing value for money! Anybody thinking of buying brushes should definitely look into buying these.



      1. for me it doesn’t 🙂 I got my first collection about 2 years ago which I still use to this day but added a couple of brushes with them

  1. The other day I bought my first Real techniques brush, I bought the face perfecton one…i think that’s what its called…anyways, i LOVE LOVE LOVE it, bad thing is thta in my country they’re really expensive but I can’t wait to save up enough money to buy the sets =)

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