Review: NARS Andy Warhol Edie collection

This Christmas I have been well and truly spoilt! I’ve received so many lovely beauty gifts that I want to share with you all and will be doing so over the next few weeks.

First up is something I’ve been after a while.

“Exploding on the scene like a comet, Edie Sedgwick was the quintessential sixties ‘It Girl’ and Andy
Warhol’s most memorable muse. Presented in an authentic 16mm film canister, NARS celebrates Sedgwick’s iconic style with superstar essentials. Your world is your screen test.”

This is how NARS describe this Edie makeup set.

This gorgeous set includes Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick in 60’s Nude, a blush duo in Deepthroat and Amour, Eyeshadow in Edie and Carpates Eyeliner Stylo in Black.

This set is perfect for creating a flawless 60’s inspired look. The blush duo is highly pigmented and is a lovely pink colour and the eyeliner pen is the best I’ve used. It’s so easy to apply and creates perfectly lined eyes. The eyeshadow in Edie compliments all this so well and I love the film canisters it comes in! I think I’ll be displaying it on a shelf for all to see.
The only problem I have with this set is the Pure Matte lipstick, it comes in a very pale pink colour but doesn’t sit well on my naturally darker lips. It also shows up any dry skin, you may have on your lips, very badly. I’m going to persevere with this product and try to find a way to apply it better but overall this is such a great little set! And perfect as a gift.

You can buy it direct from NARS here



  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I’m in love with pale lipsticks. The blush duo looks really nice, too. Beauty gurus have been raving about NARS blushes. I haven’t tried any NARS product yet, it’s not available in my country and I bet it’s a bit expensive. :/

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