Skin Update And Face Of The Day

As many of my followers probably know, I’ve been struggling with blemishes and oily skin for a while now.
Recently I made the decision to stop treating my skin as oily and blemish prone because the more I treat it this way the worse it seems to be getting!

So it’s been about 2 weeks since I decided to treat my skin as normal skin and ditch the harsh chemicals. I have to say I am so happy with the results!
Today I have NO blemishes, not a single one.

I’ve been washing my face with a normal cleanser, exfoliating once a week and moisturising in the evening. And that’s it!
I’m hoping the results continue, then all I have to battle with is the red marks I still have from previous blemishes but in the mean time, I’m happy.

Here’s my makeup from today in case you’re wondering what I’m wearing.




  1. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and my skin looks much better than it did. As soon as I start using harsher cleansers, it starts reacting right away.

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