Review: Sanctuary Spa


I remember many years ago stealing my mums cosmetics out of the bathroom and using them myself because she always had such good taste and bought the nicest products. She loved L’Occitane, MAC, Neals Yard and Sanctuary Spa way before they became hugely raved about brands.

One product I remember pinching in particular was the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator.

This exfoliator claims to refine and even skin tone for a lasting glow, and I have to say, it really does what it says on the tube!
Apricot granules and Grape seeds exfoliate whilst Pumkin, Papaya and Pineapple increase cell renewal. This exfoliator is designed to be used 2-3 times a week and believe me, that’s as much as its needed. There is not trace of dry, dull or patchy skin left after using this. My skin is clean, clear and truly radiant. This is my all time favourite exfoliator that smells wonderful and really makes me feel like I’ve had a full spa treatment.

Now something that will probably surprise you is that although I love cosmetics, I hate long, drawn out, beauty regimes. I want to cleanse, tone and moisturise. I don’t want to use 3 different cleansers, a serum, a firming moisturiser and eye cream. I want a no fuss beauty regime and that’s exactly why I bought this next product.

The Sanctuary Spa Fresh Faced Purifying Face Wash is described as a daily cleanser for all skin types for a clear, healthy complexion. Sounds great but then I begin to get a bit cynical. It’s also described as a gentle foaming wash that melts away even stubborn mascara. I have never heard of a foaming face wash that also removes your eye makeup. I honestly expected this product to sting and be too harsh for my eyes so I was so surprised when I first used this.

Another product that does exactly as it says on the tube, this cleanser really does remove stubborn mascara and melts away all traces of makeup without completely stripping the skin of its natural oils or stinging your eyes. Since using this my breakouts have stopped and I haven’t had a single new spot!

With vitamin E and glycerine to help balance the skin’s moisture levels, whilst extracts of witchhazel, chamomile and cucumber help to cool and soothe to leave it feeling fresh, bright and silkily-soft to touch.
This cleanser is truly great and perfect for any girl who wants a simple, no fuss beauty regime.

Next on my agenda; to get me and my bridesmaids down to the Sanctuary Spa in Coven Garden for a pamper session for my hen do! Can’t think of anything better 🙂

You can book a spa day or buy anything Sanctuary Spa products here.


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