Month: March 2013

This Weeks Beauty Buys #2

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I felt some little treats were needed (of course).

So often I turn to reds and subtle pinks when buying lipstick so this week I decided to try two completely new colours.
The first is MAC Pink Nouveau which is a bright, Barbie pink that looks great when worn with simple black eye liner and pink blush. Im loving this colour right now!

Another product I’m loving is L’Oreal Colour Caresse Lip Stain in Eve. Looks and feels a bit like a gloss but is actually a stain that is so comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out! I often find lip stains just emphasise dry, cracked lips and if you find this too then this product is for you!



My Oily Skin Savours!

My skin has become so oily recently and I’ve really been struggling to find a foundation that will last all day.
I’ve now realised that, realistically, there is no foundation that will last all day on oily skin. What really helps to give your makeup lasting powder is the correct skin care and makeup preparation.

Having oily skin is not all bad and it does have it’s benefits, people with oily skin don’t age as badly and don’t need to moisturise as much as your average person. So lets remember these things and stop feeling so negative about our oily skin!

These days I prefer to use a very light moisturiser under my foundation and in the evening I use my two favourites, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Doing this leaves my skin soft and smooth in the morning, ready for my makeup preparation.