My Oily Skin Savours!

My skin has become so oily recently and I’ve really been struggling to find a foundation that will last all day.
I’ve now realised that, realistically, there is no foundation that will last all day on oily skin. What really helps to give your makeup lasting powder is the correct skin care and makeup preparation.

Having oily skin is not all bad and it does have it’s benefits, people with oily skin don’t age as badly and don’t need to moisturise as much as your average person. So lets remember these things and stop feeling so negative about our oily skin!

These days I prefer to use a very light moisturiser under my foundation and in the evening I use my two favourites, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Doing this leaves my skin soft and smooth in the morning, ready for my makeup preparation.

So I always wash my face before applying my foundation. Applying foundation on top of moisturiser from the night before is an absolute no no. Not only will you skin break out but you will be super oily in no time.

When my face is really oily, I like to use my Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Detox Mask. This stuff is great, it’s a warming clay mask that draws impurities out of your skin and takes just 5 minutes.

Then I have two products that I bounce between. When my skin is particularly oily, I use Sanctuary Spa Mattifying Lotion, which is great and really helps make my makeup last or I use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer when my skin is less oily. This helps to prevent my makeup looking cakey and dry.

I have always used liquid foundation and only recently decided to try to start using a powder foundation. I heard a lot of great things about M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Foundation and so far I am quite amazed! When you’ve primed your skin correctly this stuff really does last the whole day and leaves a lovely natural finish. And if my skin does begin to show any shine, I dust on a little M.A.C Blot Powder and voila I am oil free!


I hope this helps anyone suffering with oily skin because I know how it feels



  1. My dermatologist keeps pointing out how I don’t need any anti-wrinkle cream ’cause of my oily skin (which apparently keep wrinkles at bay, even now at 36). I try to take comfort in that, too 🙂 Sanctuary products are lovely – will make a point of giving that mask a try at some point. As for the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation it might make for a nice change (from my usual Studio Fix Fluid). Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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