January Favourites: Urban Decay palettes


January- a slow, quiet month, in which any girl could do with a pick me up! So what better month to get my hands on two of the most anticipated eyeshadow palettes of the last 6 months.

Now, I’ve always been a big Urban Decay fan, their products are fun, innovative and always on trend.

When I heard they were bringing out a Naked 3 palette I was excited to say the least. The Naked 2 palette totally changed the way I wear eyeshadow and is a staple in my beauty collection, so I had to see what the Naked 3 had to offer!
This palette looks a lot like its sister, the Naked 2 but has beautiful pink toned neutrals, shimmering browns and involves a lot more matte shadows than previous Naked palettes.

This is definitely a must have for any neutral eyeshadow loving girl. Another wonderful palette that does what it says on the tin; creates beautifully natural looks for any occasional. Even the black has gorgeous pink glitter incorporated!
If you haven’t tried any of the Naked palettes then seriously, you are missing out.

Now if I wasn’t excited enough by my new Naked 3 palette then you should have seen me when I received my new Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I’m a neutral girl through and through which is kinda why I wanted to try this bright, colourful palette. I wanted to experiment with different colours but I ended up surprising myself by finding some lovely neutrals in this palette alongside some wild purples and pinks!

This palette is definitely a new favourite, it’s just so fun creating different looks using colours a bit more daring than your everyday eyeshadow. There’s bright pinks, shimmering purples, deep blues and beautiful browns in this versatile palette.

Both palettes are available online.



  1. I am very jealous! Both palettes look gorgeous! I have been debating whether to buy the Naked 3 palette since it was released, but I mean really, there is no question! I think I need it in my life! Loves this post:)

  2. I have yet to try UD but cannot wait to get my hands of Naked 3. That Vice palette looks like it could be the end for some other palettes! Nice one 🙂

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