Inside my Muji drawers


Welcome to my make up heaven, organised products at arms reach! Before now my makeup was scattered in boxes all over my dressing table, it was impossible to see what I owned or where it was even kept. And then came the saviour that is Muji drawers.

In this post I’m going to guide you trough my Muji draws

and tell you about some of my current favourite products inside!

I bought the 5 draw system (although it is rapidly filling up!). The draws are quite large but thin, which helps to organise make up so everything is displayed and easy to find.

So first up is the bottom drawer where I keep all of my lip crayons and lip sticks. Having my lip products organised like this has definitely made me experiment more with colours I might not have used so much before.
I love fuss free lip products and right now I am loving the Miss Seventeen lip crayons and Revlon lip butters. Both are such easy products to apply with great colours and textures. They tick all the boxes for me!

The next drawer is where is keep all of my face powders and concealers.
Now I’m an oily skinned girl but I’m not a big fan of powder, I believe that if you have the right foundation, you shouldn’t need powder. Hence why my powder collection is quite small!
Right now my favourite concealer is Rodial Eye Venom, it is hands down the best under eye concealer I have tried yet! It’s quite sheer and natural, yet it totally covers under eye circles. It doesn’t crease or dry out the under eye so it’s perfect for all age ranges.

Moving on, it’s time for my bronzer and highlighter drawer.
This drawer features the likes of NARS, Sleek, Dior, Benefit and No. 7. A drawer perfect for contouring and highlighting! My current favourite is my No.7 highlighter. It’s a gorgeous pink champagne colour and is so easy to apply and blend. Very similar to Benefit Watts up but at a fraction of the cost.

Next up is probably my favourite drawer, the blusher drawer!
Some blushes are double layered here because I am a big blush fan. In here I have blushes that include NARS, MAC, NYX, Sleek, Bobbi Brown and Me Me Me.
My current favourite is the NYX blusher in Peach. It’s so pretty, lasts the entire day and is super affordable. A perfect blush, you might say!

And last, but certainly not least, is my eye shadow draw!


This drawer is again, doubled up. I’ve got shadows from YSL, NYX, Chanel and others but right now I’m loving using a good palette, so this draws been a little under-loved but I’m sure it’ll get my full attention again soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’ve found that having my make up so well organised has streamlined my make up routine and made me use products I almost forgotten I own!

I’d love to know how you like to store your make up and any tips for organising a dressing table, so get in touch!



    1. Well it depends how much you like them? There’s not many dupes out there that are as nice as the original muji. You might find some on ebay? I do love my Muji drawers though, they’re good quality, stylish and easy to store things in. Hope this helps x

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