My February Favourites!


So here we are, it’s March and February had passed us by so quickly.
The weather over the last month may have been disappointing, leaving us all feel a bit defeated but it has been far from mediocre on the beauty front.

London Fashion Week has been and gone and left us with some new statement looks for the year, valentines day made way for some great beauty releases and products and now we’re here. March. And time for my February favourites!

It was a good month for my skin. Feeling oily yet dehydrated, spotty and dull, my skin needed a serious wakeup call. And what better way then spring cleaning my skincare routine with the addition of some truly awe-inspiring products.

You may have spotted Emma Hardie cleansing balm in this photo, I was going to include it in my February favourites but have decided it is far more worthy of its own review which will go up this week.


So let’s start this off which another product that is raved about through the US. A product that I’ve always been interested in but have only just found a website that supplies to the UK.

EOS lip balms are such cute little products, they smell amazing and are so perfect for on the go application. These have quickly become a handbag essential for me. Now I just need to decide which ones to try next!

Available from Beauty Mart, priced at £7.


Now if I said the words acid toner, you would either nod in agreement as you are in on the acid tone secret or

Well please don’t be scared, this is quickly becoming a holy grail beauty step. With gurus like Caroline Hirons preaching about the benefits of an acid toner, it’s very hard not to jump on board. you would look petrified.And trust me, it’s worth it.

I’m currently using Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner 3 times a week. This toner basically exfoliates the face without using harsh beads which can spread breakouts and leave the face red and damaged.

I’ve been using this toner alongside a facial oil and I have to say the scars on my chin from spots has vastly improved. I wouldn’t be without a bottle again!
Available here at £20.

Another February favourite is something I’ve actually had for some time now, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

You might know that I actually hated this product when I first bought it, I felt it did nothing for my breakouts but on reflection I think my skincare routine at the time was the one to blame.
I’ve been using this for around 4 weeks now and it’s been such a saviour when I’ve had the odd breakout. I wouldn’t say it completely clears spots up but it definitely helps minimise the size of a breakout and helps to get your skin back on track quicker. Available in boots or on their website here at £15.

Carrying on with that theme of things brings me onto my next skincare saviour; Ren Clarrifying Clay Cleanser.

This cleanser is designed for oily, spot prone skin. It’s a deep cleaning cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I managed to get a huge tube in Marks and Spencer’s with 33% extra free so I know this will last me for month. I use this cleanser most mornings and feel like it’s really helping with my oily skin.
Available online here for £18.


Next up is a cheap product that has absolutely rocked my world. To the point where I am going to stock pile on these beauty’s!
I’m talking about Primark Luxury Flannels.

I was in the market for some cheap easy flannels that I can change daily and are washing machine friendly. I decided to try primark and though nothing of this fluffy flannels, until I got them wet and rubbed them on my face. There are heavy duty, fluffy flannels that feel so nice on my face. I’ve seriously never known a flannel like it. Don’t waste your money on expensive muslin clothes, try these out instead.
Available in store at 3 flannels for £2.50. An amazing bargain.

What’s been your February favourites?



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