Springtime: I’m Ready For Ya!


To say I have a spring in my step (pun intended) over then last few days goes without saying.
The weather here in the UK has been gorgeous. The sun is shining and I can finally leave the house without 10 layers of clothing, wellies and gloves!

This beautiful weather calls for one thing and one thing only, refreshed skin. And with this perfect duo, winter is long forgotten, along with that dull, dry skin.


I have been a huge fan of this luxurious Rituals Whipped Body Butter in the Magic Touch range for quite some time now. Smelling beautifully of Organic Cherry and Rice Milk, this body butter is honestly, like summer in a tub.
I prefer not to wear perfume when I’m wearing this body butter because I just don’t feel the need to, as the scent lasts for hours, which I love.


Paired with the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie I feel completely prepared for this wonderful weather.

This mist has

a lovely fresh scent and is so refreshing on my skin. Just spritz this on before moisturising and your face is glowing without looking sticky or wet. It’s also great as a pick me up throughout the day on top of your makeup.
Definitely a new favourite of mine!

And of course how can I go out on a day like this dressed in winter clothes?


Shoes by Keds

Top is a gift from New York

H&M Jeans

Cardigan by Florence and Fred at Tesco’s

What products do you dust off when the sun makes an appearance?



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