Specsavers Love Glasses Showcase S/S 2014


With the lovely Gok Wan, who was showcasing his range of eye wear on the day.

As someone that has worn the same style of glasses for well over 10 years, I knew it was time I updated my look. So when me and my sister were invited to the Specsavers Love Glasses Fashion Showcase, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out some new specs!

We were spoilt for choice, with brands such as Red or Dead, Roxy & Quicksilver, Firetrap, Cheap Monday and Gok Wan. Even I, the fussiest glasses wearer, who has stuck to the same style for well over 10 years, was able to find some really cool new looks.



One of my favourites are a company called Cheap Monday. The Scandinavian brand are better known for their statement jeans and skull logo but have now branched out into eye wear. And boy are they good at it!

Their ethos is to bring glasses into the fashion mainstream by making them affordable yet high in quality and on par with other accessories like scarves and jewellery. They aim to make glasses that are very affordable so people are more likely to change their glasses just like they change their other fashion accessories. We all have our Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter clothes so why not change your glasses as regularly.

Glasses are no longer for practical use only, they’re a fashion statement too. I love that philosophy, beauty is no longer about supermodels with perfect looks. Its the 21st century and its all about quirky, individualism!

Cheap Monday’s glasses are fun, yet stylish and are all great quality.

My sister fell in love with their sunglasses range, which are so different, yet easily wearable. I particularly liked the blue tortoise shell glasses, which add a real modern edge to such a classic design and the blue, matte glasses I’m wearing in the photo below. They’re small enough to still feel feminine whilst having a real fashionable look to them.


Cheap Monday Eyewear


Another brand that really interest me are Red or Dead. With the co-founder, Wayne Hemingway, being a huge part of my home towns revival (Margate) I cant help but feel a little bit loyal to this brand. Read or Dead are the classic, individual British brand.

Starting out on a market stall in Camden Town, this brand are a real power house in eye wear. Launched through Specsavers in 2003, Red or Dead quickly became best sellers across the entire business. And its easy to see why. Their glasses are fun and innovative yet affordable.

I especially love these frames with pretty roses down the arms, reminiscent of their famous tattoo glasses. These frames also come as matching sunglasses, which are seriously hard to resist!


All the frames I tried on (and fell in love with) are priced at 2 pairs for £99, which includes prescription sunglasses. Now I just have to decide which ones to get!



  1. Great post! I loved reading about the history of some of the brands I’ve known for years. I’m on the lookout for some new glasses too, as I’ve had my current ones for at least three years and they’re getting a bit weak. They are those Red or Dead tattoo ones you spoke about 🙂 love the catlike shape of the new ones though, they look lovely! xx

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love Red or Dead ones! And Cheap Mondays are totally new to Specsavers so they’re styles are all ultra modern. Can’t wait to get some new specs. Probably going to get one pair that are a bit more work appropriate and serious and then some fun, more quirky ones 🙂 xxx

      1. Good idea! They still have that 2 for 1 thing on don’t they? I think I’m going to get some prescription sunglasses as my second thing 🙂 loved the Cheap Monday ones, they do look so fresh and different. Look forward to seeing what you choose! Xx

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