Soap and Glory Hand Food


It’s not often that a product becomes a holy grail for me but this hand cream has really knocked my socks off!
I’ve been struggling with eczema on my hands for months and no amount of creams have helped. I’ve tried everything from normal hands creams, to steroid creams, yet nothing has helped. That is until this beauty came along.

Priced at £2.50, for a travel size tube, I thought it was worth a go and would be perfect for my handbag. Little did I know that I would almost use an entire tube in little over a week, not just because of the gorgeous scent but also because of how much good it’s done my hands.

This cream has almost completely soothed my poor dry hands and although my hands are still not perfect, this cream has done things for them that no others have. Now I have to say that this may not be great for all eczema sufferers but it’s worked wonders for me so it’s worth a go if your hands are feeling the strain after winter.

So if you haven’t tried this then why not give it a go, priced at £2.50 for 50mls or £5.00 for 125mls you can buy it here.



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