Snapshot: Awash With Colour



Some days call for a full face of make up and perfectly groomed hair, and then there are the other days. The ones where you just want to chuck on a big jumper and slap on a little make up. On days like these, the last thing I want to do, is apply lots of different shadows, followed by loads of blending and eye liner. Days like these require those simple shades that work so well alone, as a wash of colour.

Weather it’s a light, barely there shade, or a warmer colour. It just takes one quick swipe of these shadows, minimal blending and you’re good to go.
My favourites for this look are the darker matte shades in the Smashbox Full Exposure palette, MAC All That Glitters & Twinks along with the Collection Eye Pencils.

And as you can see, today required just as easy hair styling!



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