What’s In My Handbag!


A girls handbag is a very personal place. Its our back up plan when all else fails. Its where we keep those essentials that come to the rescue when we’re really desperate (I’ll spare you the boring details of paracetamol and tampons). I like to keep things simple and I’m not one to lug around a huge bag filled with half of my make up collection and then some. So without further ado, here’s a peep into my handbag essentials!


More or less, I like to carry the same things. My MAC blot powder and a lip balm, like this one from Carmex, are essentials for me. Usually I carry a concealer, for any touch up’s, along with my blusher of the day. I also like to pack an easy wearing lipstick, like a Chubby Stick,  just in case I feel like adding some colour to my look. And just in case my skin needs a refreshment, I like the carry a bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

Finally I always make sure I have a fragrance, body sprays being my preference recently, and a hand cream. We all know how much I love a hand cream.

Everyday Essentials//

That’s easy! Its got to be my iPhone, keys and Mulberry purse, I’d get nowhere without these. I also try to carry a note pad, just in case I get any ideas for blogging or shopping.

And I like to keep all of that, safely tucked inside, my trusty Cambridge Satchel.



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