Lip Balm Barmy


Lip balms, the must have arsenal of most beauty lovers. My handbag usually has at least 3 rolling around inside it and I never work without one on me. I wouldn’t call this a list of my favourites, but more of what I’m loving right now. There are others I’d like to try, but I think you’ll agree, I have too many already!

Carmex// Never am I without this little beauty. The only lip balm that will always fix my lips when they are playing up.

Nivea Lip Butter// I own the scent Raspberry Rose and oh my! This stuff smells AMAZING. Its pretty nice on my lips and moisturises well. The only reason I don’t use this daily is the fact its in a pot, I mean Carmex can get away with it, but this isn’t quite good enough.

Rodial Glam Balm// Ok I really didn’t like this when I first got sent it, I really don’t like rose scented products which really put me off this as it does have quite a strong fragrance. But after months of it being at the bottom of a pile of lip balms I decided I’d try to use it more. And I’m thankful I did! This balm is like no other that I own. Its rich and thick, yet glossy in appearance. I like to apply this just after my morning moisturiser or before bed for super smooth lips by morning.

Maybelline Baby Lips// So I really fell for the hype with these. When they were released in the UK I bought all of them. Yes all of them. They’re great for on the go touch ups, but they’re not that great for actually moisturising the lips. And I find the whole stick thing very dated. The 90’s called and wants its lip balms back!

Mac Lip Conditioner// This stuff has lasted me years! Its probably woefully out of date but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. Smelling wonderfully of coconut, this lip conditioner does what it says on the tin. It also has a pretty pink tint, which makes lipstick free days a lot easier. Sadly this has been discontinued.

EOS Lip Balm// You guys already know I love these. I use this thing everyday, I love the packaging and that you don’t need to stick your fingers in a pot to apply it and the scent is gorgeous. I’m already eyeing up which other ones to buy!

Are you as addicted to lip balms as I am? And what are your favourites?



  1. I’ve been absolutely addicted to lip balms since elementary school! I used Blistex that was in a tub forever and ever and in a pinch, I’d even use it on my cuticles and what not. After years and years, decades even, of hoarding lip balms and having one in every purse, every drawer and every room… I swapped to vaseline. Used nothing but plain vaseline for about 2 years, until recently got my first Carmex. I had always hated cherry flavor anything, but fell in love with the cherry flavor Carmex. In my quest for cruelty free cosmetics, Carmex seems to be one that I can love free of guilt, so I guess it’s my new go-to balm! I love the refreshing effect it gives too!

  2. Yep, you definitely have enough already! 😀 the eos ones are really good, but I don’t mind the Nivea ones either, the fruity shine ones that is.

  3. You should try bepanthen cream! It’s not a lip balm but it works sooooo well for moisturising lips! Got taught it by a make up artist and now nothing compares! X

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