My Topshop Makeup Picks!


Topshop makeup has really hit the scene with a bang. Whilst clothing stores usually fail at creating good quality makeup, Topshop succeeds.
The products are fun, on trend and affordable. My favourites of the collection have got to be:

Cream Blusher- The shades Afternoon Tea & Good Girl// I love these little blushers, the texture is creamy and ultra soft. They blend well onto the skin and give a great pop of colour. Perfect at only £7.00.

Glow Highlighter- In the shade Polish// The shade is on the white side of things but with a little champagne hint. The consistency is like no other highlighter I’ve tried, it’s quite wet and moussey but applies really well without rubbing any foundation away with it. A bargain at only £9!

Lipstick- In the shade The Damned//This is probably one my favourite lipsticks of all time. It’s an easy purple that’s not too full on. Perfect for laid back back lipstick lovers, it applies easily and lasts for hours. Priced at only £8.



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