A Trio Of Highlighters



Three stick highlighters, all good, from three different companies. Hows a girl to decide which one to buy? Well let me talk you through them, one by one.

Benefit Watts Up// This is a champagne coloured highlighter, its slighty darker than the others and a whole load more pricey. The product is densely pigmented and gives a really warm glow. The packaging is very cute, although the lid pops off in your bag far too easily and I can’t quite understand the little sponge at the end?! Priced at £24 it is the most expensive of the bunch but also the biggest, containing 9.4g.

No 7 Instant Radiance// This highlighter has been hailed as a dupe for Watts Up, although it is slightly paler. This stick comes in very simple packaging and the product is rounded which helps for easy application. Priced at £9.95 it is the slightyly cheapest of the bunch. You get 5g of highlighter for your money.


Topshop Glow Stick in Play Up// This highlighter is exactly the same as No 7. It’s a pink champagne shade, which is also slightly rounded. The pigment is strong and the texture is very smooth. The packaging has a slightly cheaper feel to it but is nice all the same. Priced at £10 for 5.5g of product.


Now all you have to do is decide which one you like best!



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