My March Favourites


I’ve been a busy bird this month and picked myself up some really great new treats. Although my bank balance is feeling the strain and the guilt is kicking in, I thought I’d share my favourites!

Jo Malone Cologne in French Lime Blossom// This is actually a very new favourite of mine but I know I’m going to love this little bottle until the end. I’ve wanted to try Jo Malone’s fragrances for some time now and am so glad I have. After lots of sprays of different scents, I picked French Lime Blossom in a 30ml bottle, as I didn’t want to spend a pricey £70
on something that is so new to me (I go off perfume too quickly!). This scent smells like early mornings in spring, with rich floral scents that are so refreshing. This is my ultimate March favourite!

Maybeline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate// Purple is a complimentary shade for brown eyes and this cream eyeshadow doesn’t fall short of the mark! It can be applied alone or as a base but also works well with other shadows. It’s easy to apply and lasts the whole day, which is just what I want.

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Perfect Plum// A perfect liner to go with the Maybeline colour tattoo for extra dimension but also perfect on its own or with warm brown colours. Wearing a colour like this defines the eye, without looking harsh. And so cheap at just £3.99!

MAC Lipstick in Plumful// You might notice a theme forming. I’ve been loving plum colours this month and MAC are always a favourite of mine. Their lipsticks are timeless and never fall out of fashion. Plumfull is in the Lustre range, which are demi-sheer and leave the lips feeling comfortable and soft. This is perfect as some MAC lip colours are quite matte and drying, which is not for me. This colour is a warm plum that is still very natural looking and can be worn with both a smokey or natural eye. An all rounder you might say!

Barry M Gelly High Shine in Prickly Pear// A perfect pastel for this time of year and my go to nail colour of the month! With this polish it only takes a few coats to build an even colour and the brush is just the right size to avoid any mess. Can you see why I love it?

What have been your March favourites?


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