My Year With Glossybox

20140401-211240.jpgWhen I first subscribed to Glossybox, I had never heard of anything quite like it. To cut it short, it’s a subscription service that sends you 5 luxury sized beauty samples a month for just £10. All packed inside these cute little boxes and tied in a ribbon. I thought it would be a nice little treat for myself each month and be great for product reviews. At first I used to get so excited when my box would arrive, I’d rip it open to find out what I had been sent and start using the products as soon as possible. Now fast forward 12 months later and I can go days without even bothering to look inside my newest boxes.

Beauty boxes are now in big demand, the market is saturated with beauty boxes and my love for Glossybox has faded.

Originally I was sucked in by the promise of luxury sized samples but was so disappointed by some boxes and their contents. Now I’m not saying it was all bad, there were months when the boxes where exceptional, with generous sized samples and full size products from company’s like Caudalie, Monu, Maybeline and Elizabeth Arden. But there were boxes in which I received tiny samples, sachets of products and minuscule perfume samples. All of which looked like freebies from the pages of magazines.

With that I quickly became aware that this box wasn’t for me, especially after seeing other beauty box services offering better products for the same price! I would recommend beauty box subscriptions to any beauty lover, but I would also say that you need to research well before committing to any one company. I have since cancelled my Glossybox subscription and will start looking for a new, exiting service to feed my cosmetics passion.

Now I just need to decide what to do with all these empty boxes!



  1. Thank you for posting this, I have been looking into beauty boxes.
    Glossy box was one of them, but I think I will give them a miss.
    Like you, I prefer ‘big’ sized samples, if that makes sense? lol.

  2. Love that picture of them all stacked up! I never got sucked into the beauty box hype, and I’ve felt like I was missing out the whole time, but I agree, I’d want ‘big’ samples if I were paying for them!

    1. I loved Glossybox at first, the samples were decent and I always looked forward to the next box. But not anymore! I might go with another company, as I do really like the whole concept. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xx

  3. Totally know what you mean, you’re spending money for these (sometimes quite a lot) and you expect good stuff. I was subscribed to birchbox for a couple months, didn’t last long.

      1. I agree. I just wasn’t happy with some of the products and felt it wasn’t worth the money.

  4. I would be interested to know what you recommend instead. I am finding glossybox a bit of a let down. I do use lovemebeauty which is good as you have a choice.

  5. I did three months with glossybox and ended up canceling my subscription because they charged me for a box and then never sent it to me (which is basically the worst sin I can think of for a monthly beauty boy company). I’m going to try out the ipsy box because I’ve seen some really fantastic bits that come in that box, but I doubt I’ll do a year subscription with any box.

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