L’Oreal Eau De Teint


This month I’ve been trialling a new foundation by L’o’real that’s been described as lighter than water and almost as cheap!
Compare this to Armani’s equivalent, at almost three times the price, and it really does seem to be free flowing from my tap .
The downside?
It’s mediocre.

Using a buffing brush, I blend a few dabs of this product onto my skin, which doesn’t take long as this foundation blends to a natural look very quickly. What I do love about this foundation is that it feels so light on my skin whilst still giving me a medium coverage. This product gives a layered and healthy glow to the skin without looking greasy. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well as I mentioned it does have a few issues. One being that the bottle can be a little messy, theres no pump so I found the product can spill (and i did this just yesterday).
I also find that it clings to dry patches making it completely unsuitable for dry skin. And if like me, you’re very oily, I would recommend powdering throughout the day as oil does tend to break through.

Overall I think this is an average foundation for someone of my skin type but that being said it would be a great option for anyone that prefers a lightweight, comfortable foundation.
It all depends if your a tap water girl or prefer bottled Evian!



  1. Have you tried applying it with your fingers? The american version (which I believe is equivalent) says it gets its results by using it with your fingers. Not sure if it will help with the oiliness, though. I too have oily skin but I haven’t opened mine yet, so don’t know how it performs on my skin…

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