I Woke Up Like This | No Makeup, Makeup



How many of us would love the be able to go makeup free every so often, without scaring the locals? Although I do love spending time perfecting my look, I also love fuss free makeup.

To be able to wake up, chuck on some moisturiser and leave the house would be a dream come true. But sadly I’m up far too early for that dream! However that doesn’t mean that I can’t feel great with minimal makeup.

Less is definitely more when it comes to no makeup, makeup and if you follow these tips you’ll be looking naturally perfect in no time.



Base// Try using something light, that isn’t too matte, for a natural finish. I’m currently loving Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. This foundation is designed to give a radiant glow, whilst being undetectable in all lights, making it perfect for a no makeup look. Remember imperfections don’t need to be completely camouflaged, instead just aim at minimising them by using a small amount of concealer.

Eyes// You want your eyes to look refreshed and awake. The easiest way to do this is to run your foundation over your eyelids, this way the colour matches your skin and isn’t too heavy. Also try a highlighting concealer under your eyes, this will keep you looking bright and awake. Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighting Concealer is the perfect match to the foundation, it conceals under eye circles without creasing or highlighting any dry areas. 

Lashes// For this look I prefer not to use a black mascara, something like Lancome Doll Eyes in So Brown is a good alternative. This mascara adds just the right amount of product, which keeps the lashes separated and clump free, whilst still holding a good curl.

Brows// This is easy, just don’t over do them. If you can get away with a little brow gel then leave it at that. Maybeline Brow Drama is great for this look, it takes seconds to apply and just tidies everything up. If you really need to fill your brows in, apply a small amount of powder/ pencil very lightly.

Blush// Best to keep blusher on the lighter front by opting for colours that are more natural. Bright, shimmering pinks won’t work for this look whereas something quite peachy and preferably in a cream formula would be perfect. You all know I love Rimmel Stay Blushed, which is perfect for this look.

Lips// Soft healthy lips are what’s needed when going “makeup free”. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecter’s work wonders. Just one quick swipe of this super balm and my lips appear bigger and healthier. All shades in this range are natural and easily wearable.

All these steps combined will keep you looking fresh, whilst enhancing something you all have, natural beauty!



  1. I have to say hun there are many days that I go to work with minimal make up and by that I mean sorting my brows and lashes and chucking on the best moisturiser I have ever had (Kiehl’s of course!) that way by the time I finish the dreaded 13 hours I haven’t got a separate face slipping down my neck and I haven’t had to touch anything up in the day! Sorted!

  2. I honestly think you would look amazing without make-up on! Your bone structure is just amazing and your naturally beautiful 🙂 I also wanted to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the liebster award! it recognizes up and coming bloggers! all the rules are on my page
    if you’ve already been nominated congrats! if not I hope you accept mine!

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