NYC HD Quattro Eyeshadow Palettes

20140408-202638.jpg How can a palette that costs just £2.99 compete with a high end product costing nearly £50? This was something I was left asking myself after reading a fellow blogger comparing one of these palettes to a very succesful Chanel palette (from the Christmas 2013 collection).

Feeling pretty sceptical, I decided to trot on down to my local drug store to see what all the fuss was about. My conclusion? Products like this really highlight just how huge the mark up on makeup really is!

I picked up the NYC HD Quattro palettes in Best Of Broadway and Fashion Bootcamp. Both palettes come with a highlight shade, an all over lid shade, a contour colour and a dark liner shadow. I have to say, I was so surprised when I first used these palettes! The shades are super buttery, easily blended and incredibly wearable. Not what you’d expect when you consider the price tag! I feel like these palettes are extremely well designed, with each colour working well together to create a very alternative smokey eye.

These palettes are easy for beginners and a perfect addition for us more “experienced” beauty lovers. The only thing I don’t really like is the packaging, but that’s why you pay the pounds for Chanel, not NYC!


Next is to see what else NYC have to offer…



  1. Are you referring to Lilly pebbles’ post? If you are, I saw that and thought the exact same thing!

  2. Great post! This palettes actually remind me of the Wet N Wild palettes which have amazing quality as well but crappy packaging! Hahaha.

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