Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser



Exfoliating is changing quite rapidly in the beauty industry. As old fashioned, grainy exfoliators are being shown to be too harsh for the skin, acid exfoliators are becoming more popular.

Nip + Fab have jumped onto that bandwagon with a range called Glycolic Fix. I was lucky enough to get my hands onto the daily cleanser and have been using it regularly since. Described as being a foaming facial cleanser with Glycolic and Apple Amino Acids, I kinda panicked at the word foaming. Luckily when this is  applied it hardly foams at all and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight like most foaming cleansers. Already in my good books.

Applying a small amount onto my skin and gently washing my face, I notice two things about this cleanser. One being the scent, its very light and refreshing. And two being the consistency, it’s very thin and unlike most cleansers. After rinsing this off, my skin feels clean but still moisturised and ready for the rest of my routine. This is the kind of product that requires a lot of use before you actually notice any difference, but in time it has eradicated the need for any harsh beaded exfoliators in my skincare.

Unlike grainy exfoliators, which tear and aggrivate the skin, this cleanser is gentle enough to use daily. With ingredients like Olive Oil to keep the skin moisturised, this is a great way to introduce any acid shy girls into the acid exfoliating game.

Available at £5.30 for 150mls here.

*PR sample, doesn’t change my opinion.*


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