Indeed Labs Pepta Bright


Let’s rewind back to 2 years ago and my skin was a state! Bad skincare followed by very harsh blemish treatments left me spottier than ever and at a loss of what to do. I felt like the cosmetics industry had completely let me down. Products aimed at blemishes actually made my skin even spottier. What was I to do?

I decided one day to take things back to basics and use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Now this seriously cleared up my skin, although it’s never been clearer until I began my current skincare routine.

Now that all these blemishes have disappeared, I’ve been left with red angry scars, that make me feel very self conscious. So I decided enough was enough and I turned to the only person I knew could help me, Caroline Hirons. After reading on her blog that she recommends Pepta Bright, as it reduced her scarring, I knew it was for me!

Indeed Labs Pepta Bright is designed to improve skin clarity, diminish the appearance of dark spots, restore radiance to the skin, and even skin tone whilst maintaining the skin’s moisture levels. Its hard to believe that this little white tube contains something that seems to have super powers!

Applied morning and night, between cleansing and moisturising, it doesn’t feel like anything special. The cream itself is lightweight and scent  free and the results are not instant. But if you follow the steps and apply this morning and night, you will notice a difference in the appearance of any scaring you have within weeks.

I’ve been using this cream for just under 2 months now and I can’t believe the difference.  My scars have reduced in both size and redness, making me feel a whole lot more comfortable without makeup. Worn under my makeup, I find my foundation lasts longer and looks more radiant. All this is exactly why I’ve already purchased a second tube!

*Unflattering photo alert*






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