Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray



I love summer, but summer skincare can be tricky. I like an easy product that I can apply throughout the day without leaving me feeling sticky or looking white as a sheet! That’s where this launch comes in. Its not often that a skincare launch really interests me but this is an exception. Why I love the sound of this?  It’s a multitasker.

This dry oil promises to leave your skin and hair feeling nourished and glowing. With an SPF of 30 this oil protects your skin and hair from the sun and sea salt, preventing premature ageing and skin damage. With a fruit based scent comprising of mandarin, kiwi, jasmine, sandalwood and amber, this should smell amazing!

Ingredients like nyamplung fruit, plane tree, senna and aloe vera care for the skin whilst also protecting from UV rays and free radicals. Women that have tried this product agreed that their tan lasted longer, their natural skin colour looked better and it was easy to apply. I’m looking forward to picking myself up a bottle and hoping that I agree!

For those of us who love a body oil in the summer, I would seriously consider this product.

Priced at £19 for 150mls this oil is available this May.



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