My Daily Scents!

20140424-111332.jpgFor as long as I remember, I have always been a huge perfume fan. Kickstarting my love for fragrance was Miss Dior, a strong sweet smell, that I wore religiously everday. As the years have gone by, my tastes have certainly changed and sadly a lot of my once loved perfumes have long expired.

Gone are the days where I loved strong, sweet scents. Nowadays I love a good floral, fresh scent and have 3 that are particular favourites of mine.

Dior, J’Adore// This classic scent has been so hugely popular over the years that there are many different variants of this original fragrance. With yellow mandarin, damask rose and orange blossom, this scent is the perfect mix of both sharp floral and fruity tones.

Wearing this fragrance makes me feels classy and sexy without being over powering. Perfect for summer evenings!

Marc Jacobs Daisy// How can I talk about fruity, fresh fragrances without talking about this little beauty. Top notes of strawberry and grapefruit work in harmony with heart notes of gardenia and jasmine whilst base notes of vanilla finish off this beautiful fragrance.

This is a perfect, daily perfume for anyone that loves a fresh scent but still likes to have a bit of fun with their fragrance.

Jo Malone, French Lime Blossom// If you’re looking for a perfume that is like no other, look no further than Jo Malone. Each fragrance smells so unique and perfectly produced. A trip to one of their stores feels like a very special treat, with hand massages being offered to customers for extra indulgence.

My favourite of the collection is French Lime Blossom. This fragrance is like no other fragrance that I own. Rather than smelling like a manufactured perfume, this smells so natural and fresh that I actually feel like I’m walking though a field of wild flowers.

Inspired by Paris in Spring, this fragrance has tones of powdery linden flowers with a touch of bergamot and tarragon. Each fragrance Jo Malone create are designed to be unisex but this is definitely a feminine product in my books. My perfect, daily perfume and one that I will never tire of.




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