No 7 Lash Impact Mascara



I’m pretty fortunate in the way that my lashes are dark and naturally quite long. I rarely bother to curl them and I’m not one to get excited over a mascara. But when I was walking through Boots a few days ago, something sparkly caught my eye.

A complete sucker for anything in nice packaging, I couldn’t resist the new No 7 Lash Impact Mascara.

I’ve been wearing this daily since I bought it and I have to say, this does excite me somewhat. The formula really is something else. Whilst being amazingly buildable, this mascara never clumps, flakes or even smudges on long days. One coat creates natural, pretty lashes whilst two coats amplifies my lashes without a sign of clumping.

It does take me some time to clean this mascara off my lashes but I think that shows just how heavy duty this is. Long summer days, my lashes are ready for ya!

Can’t argue with all of that for just £13.50!




  1. I’ve never tried no.7 cosmetics before but i’ve seen their stand at target. I was curious how their mascaras performed and now I might have to go and pick one up! Great post Cat 🙂

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