Something For My Brows

I was on that big brow bandwagon long before it was popular. When everyone else had pencil thin brows, I was that 12 year old with big bushy brows! I’ve made all your classic brow shaping disasters. Attempting to shave my brows into shape when I was 12, and subsequently having to pencil them back in as I went a little over the top with the razor was certainly a low point! Finally my mum expertly plucked them for me and I seriously haven’t looked back since.

The most important part of my makeup routine has got to be the brows. I’ve stuck to the same pencil for some time now, and although I love my Lancôme pencil, I felt it was time for a change. Recently I’ve been craving a more natural and less polished look. I’ve seen many great reviews of the Soap & Glory Brow Archery and thought it looked perfect for me.

With a retractable crayon on one end and a brow tint on the other end, this £10 brow product has it all. I picked up the colour Brownie Points, which is slightly lighter than what I usually use but I love the finish.

I naturally thought I’d use the pencil end the most with this product but have actually surprised myself with how much I’m loving the tint. It looks a bit scary at first, the sight of a little pen to fill things in! But it is actually extremely light and has an almost water colour effect. Just a few flicks of this, and my brows look naturally filled in and defined. And when I want a little extra definition, I just apply the pencil end on top!

The best thing about this? The longevity. This brow product seriously doesn’t rub off or slide around. I mean it’s actually hard work to wash this off! A serious plus side for me.

Priced at £10 and available here.


One comment

  1. I hear you on being the bushy-eyebrowed teenager! 🙂 So glad I learned how to shape them! I’ve seen so many good reviews of this – I think I’ll have to try it, my powder is nearly running out…

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