Buying A New Makeup Bag + COMPETITION

I find myself reaching for a makeup bag more and more these days. Wether it be because I’m going away or just want to store my handbag essentials, my makeup bags have certainly felt the strain.
Looking slightly worse for wear, it’s definitely time I invested in a new one. But with so much choice, how do I find the perfect one? Well I’ve narrowed it down to these lovelies and with a little help from you guys, I think I’ll be able to decide!




Top 4 Bags// 4 bags for the price of 1! These would be perfect for any regular traveller but also a perfect gift. I love this style of makeup bag and find they take up the least room in my handbag. Plus I love the idea of being able to change bag as often as I like! Each bag is unique and fun, making these serious contenders!

Top Left Bag// Really, have you even seen a cuter brush roll? I’ve been looking for a better way to store my brushes as they can look a make my dressing table look a little cluttered. Not to forget that the bristles get all bent out of shape when stored in pots. This little brush roll would solve all my problems whilst looking rather pretty!

Top Right Bag// Made with Harris Tweed, the only fabric in the world governed by an act of parliament, this really screams English country girl! I love the shape of this bag and think it would look perfect in my Cambridge Satchel. Beautifully crafted and available in plenty of shades, this is hard to resist.

Bottom Left Bag// This is definitely one for my makeup lovers! Super simple yet very chic, this makeup bag is fun and practical. What makes this extra special is that it’s hand embroidered and has a waterproof lining. Another great choice!

Bottom Right Bag// This is definitely the more practical of makeup bags. Made from laminated cotton, meaning its easy to clean, this bag is the perfect size to fit plenty of makeup insde. I love that you can customise this with your initials and make it very personal. I can see this coming into a lot of good use during the summer months when I’m away from home.

Now you can see what kind of predicament I’m facing! Well heres how you can help. To be in with a chance of winning the brush roll, just vote for your favourite bag and like this post! Winner will be choosen randomly in 7 days times.



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