The Boring Dressing Table Heroes

You won’t find gorgeous palettes or pretty lip colours in this post. Nope, instead I’m going to tell you all about those little heroes that you don’t even realise you need!

MAC Fix +// I bought this stuff over a year ago and have never got as much use out of it until now. Basically a suped up facial water with ingredients like green tea and vitamins. This is my little backup when my face feels a little too powdered. But there’s another way to use this that is fairly new to me! Sprayed onto an eyeshadow brush and then dipped into eyeshadow turns the least pigmented eyeshadows into strong, rich colours. A real multi-tasker!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream// This really simple moisturiser is something I reach for a lot. I love to go back to basics when my skin is in crisis and this is where I start. With no perfume or fancy SPF, this moisturiser is ideal during breakouts or periods of sensitive skin. Just using this alone when my skin is feeling the strain is enough to get things back on track.

Garnier Miceller Water// Not the most exciting or glamorous products but definitely an essential for me. Wether it’s just a clean up during any makeup disasters or just to remove makeup as a pre- cleanse, this is something I certainly rely on. Currently I’m loving this Garnier one as its cheap as chips and lasts ages, however any micceler water will do the trick!

Sometimes it’s not about the glam products and instead about the simple things.



  1. I’ve got the fix+ and I surely don’t use it enough. I do reach for it if I feel like I’ve powdered too much though. I’ve never used it those other ways, great tips!

  2. Garnier Micellar water seem really good, for that price..sadly they don’t sell it in India! Let’s hope somebody is ready this 😛

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