Face Of The Day

Face Of The Day & My New Glasses



20140417-141103.jpgToday’s face of the day is inspired by my funky new glasses. After attending the Specsavers Fashion Showcase, I was lucky enough to receive some new glasses thanks to Specsavers. I picked up these Karen Millen frames in store and am so happy to finally have updated my look.

Border lining geek-chic, these cat eye frames are such a great accessory to any outfit and work really well with most makeup looks.Thicker framed glasses are almost certainly a favourite with most fashionistas, making these frames not just practical but a fashion statement too.

With leopard print details on the front and studs on the arms, these specs definitely appeal to my rebellious side!

Todays Makeup: (more…)


Face Of The Day #3

20140319-235638.jpgToday I fancied a statement look without looking too over the top.
When wearing a strong lip colour, you don’t want to appear like you have a lot of  make up on as this can look busy and dated. Keeping the skin sheer and glowing, brings a dark lip out of the evening and into the daytime.

As a base, I’ve kept things pretty natural using the Laura Mercier primer and my favourite Lancome foundation. I’ve paired Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie with MAC All That Glitters on my lids. And on my cheeks I’m wearing the darkest shade from the Sleek Blush By 3 palette and my Dior Contour and Glow. For a highlight I’m using my current favourite, which is the No.7 Instant Radiance Highlighter.
And to finish it off, I’ve lined my eyes with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Bronze.

Snapshot: Awash With Colour



Some days call for a full face of make up and perfectly groomed hair, and then there are the other days. The ones where you just want to chuck on a big jumper and slap on a little make up. On days like these, the last thing I want to do, is apply lots of different shadows, followed by loads of blending and eye liner. Days like these require those simple shades that work so well alone, as a wash of colour.

Weather it’s a light, barely there shade, or a warmer colour. It just takes one quick swipe of these shadows, minimal blending and you’re good to go. (more…)

Face Of The Day #2



If you follow me on twitter than you’d know that I had a pretty late night last night. So, to no surprise, I woke today to puffy, red eyes and a dull complexion. Definitely in need of some super makeup!

Priced at £13 you can but it hereI’ve mostly used bronzey, warm colours today to try and pump some like back into my pale face, a new favourite being the Body Shop Honey Bronzing powder which is just perfect for pale girls like me. It warms my complexion without making me look orange and blends nicely for a naturally bronzed look. (more…)

Skin Update And Face Of The Day

As many of my followers probably know, I’ve been struggling with blemishes and oily skin for a while now.
Recently I made the decision to stop treating my skin as oily and blemish prone because the more I treat it this way the worse it seems to be getting!

So it’s been about 2 weeks since I decided to treat my skin as normal skin and ditch the harsh chemicals. I have to say I am so happy with the results!
Today I have NO blemishes, not a single one.

I’ve been washing my face with a normal cleanser, exfoliating once a week and moisturising in the evening. And that’s it!
I’m hoping the results continue, then all I have to battle with is the red marks I still have from previous blemishes but in the mean time, I’m happy.