Serious Glow

After accidentally throwing my moisturiser all over the floor (any excuse for a new product!) I picked this little moisturiser up.
On sale at just £2.99 I didn’t expect much from this cream.
Described as being a brightening moisturiser with an SPF of 15, this cream is beautifully light reflecting without looking shiny. Packed with natural Hibiscus which acts as a gentle exfoliatate and Hyaluronic acid which adds serious moisture, this moisturiser is a serious contender for more high end products. (more…)


April Favourites

There have been many new products gracing my dressing table this month, but only four have really stood out enough to make it into my April Favourites!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream// I discovered this when my mum told me how much she loved the scrub from the same range. The minute I opened a tub and took a sniff I knew I was hooked. I picked up the Buttercream and have been using it daily since. Smelling so sweet and fresh of lime, almond, coco and kiwi this whipped body butter is the perfect summer time moisturiser. (more…)

Foundation Friday// Rimmel Match Perfection

20140429-124935.jpgRimmel Match Perfection promises to leave traceless coverage in any light without any telltale makeup lines or makeup mask. From the bathroom to the pub, these products certainly do live up to there description. And here’s a run down of my favourites.

Feeling Sleepy

20140429-124658.jpgI don’t know about you guys, but I spend more of my bed time awake singing Beyonc lyrics in my head and wondering why I can’t sleep. I’ve never been someone that’s blessed in the sleep department. You won’t find me asleep on a train or in a car and it usually take me at least an hour to finally doze off. So its no surprise that sometimes this girl needs to call on the big guns to catch some zzz’s! And these little guys have really been a saviour recently.


No 7 Lash Impact Mascara



I’m pretty fortunate in the way that my lashes are dark and naturally quite long. I rarely bother to curl them and I’m not one to get excited over a mascara. But when I was walking through Boots a few days ago, something sparkly caught my eye.

A complete sucker for anything in nice packaging, I couldn’t resist the new No 7 Lash Impact Mascara.

My Daily Scents!

20140424-111332.jpgFor as long as I remember, I have always been a huge perfume fan. Kickstarting my love for fragrance was Miss Dior, a strong sweet smell, that I wore religiously everday. As the years have gone by, my tastes have certainly changed and sadly a lot of my once loved perfumes have long expired.

Gone are the days where I loved strong, sweet scents. Nowadays I love a good floral, fresh scent and have 3 that are particular favourites of mine.

Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray



I love summer, but summer skincare can be tricky. I like an easy product that I can apply throughout the day without leaving me feeling sticky or looking white as a sheet! That’s where this launch comes in. Its not often that a skincare launch really interests me but this is an exception. Why I love the sound of this?  It’s a multitasker.


Foundation Friday// Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

20140423-143324.jpgIts that time again, Foundation Friday! 8 weeks of foundation reviews, every Friday.

This Friday’s review is of Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I’m afraid to say I haven’t fallen in love with this one.

Hugely loved throughout the industry, this foundation promises to provide invisible coverage whilst lasting all day and creating flawless skin. I can’t say that I agree with any of those statements.

Bumble And Bumble// Bb Straight Blow dry Cream


When it comes to beauty, there’s not much I love more than spending my time at dressing table perfecting my make up of the day. The same cannot be said for my hair.

I have never enjoyed styling my hair. Having been plagued with frizzy hair all my life, blow drying, straightening and styling my hair feels like nothing but a chore to me. Hence why you’ll see me with my hair scrapped back in a lazy bun more often than not.

Having tried all kinds of products to relieve me of my frizzy hair, and being disappointed with a lot of them, I was sceptical when the sales assistant was trying to sell this to me. Luckily Bumble and Bumble do travel size versions of most of their products so I decided I might as well give it a go. I picked up this cream at £11 for 60ml in Boots and I’m happy I did! (more…)