Clinique review

A Serious Lusting For Lip Pens

Lip pens have taken the industry by storm in a huge way. Beauty lovers are embracing quick and easy makeup on the market whilst letting laborious products fall by the way side. I of course am one of these girls. I love makeup that comes at ease and lip pens are slowly becoming an addiction of mine. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love lip friendly Crayola’s?

Some of my favourites include: (more…)


Review: Clinique Blemish Solutions

Now for a not so positive review.
A few months ago I visited the Clinique counter in Fenwicks. I suffer with bad breakouts from time to time so the adviser told me I should try the Blemish Solutions range. So I went out on a whim and bought the whole range.

The cleanser, clarifying lotion, clearing moisturiser, spot treatment gel and foundation!
But after over a month of using the range I found that my skin didn’t improve and I actually broke out further!
I returned back to Clinique who were adamant that it would help with blemishes but after phoning their head office I was told that this range is probably not suitable for my skin and I should send the products back for a refund!
I’ve done a bit of digging online where I found that I have certainly not been the only person that’s experienced this, it seems that unless you have severe acne then this range is not for you.